Dear Vietnamese compatriots and all of you,

Reportage Welcoming New Year's Eve at Quang Minh Temple Celebrate the Lunar New Year
Afternoon 30 Tet (Saturday, January 21, 2023):
The weather this year 24 degrees is ideal for New Year's Eve celebrations.
When heaven and earth and all things enter a new "period", it seems that humans are also facing a new opportunity.
This year Quang Minh Temple will welcome New Year's Eve like in previous years before the epidemic
At Quang Minh Pagoda, as predicted, we are about to welcome more than 15,000 guests to attend this historic event after 3 years of restriction because of the Covid Pandemic.
This year Quang Minh Tu expanded with the venue around Guan Yin Bodhisattva and all the games were moved out of the temple grounds to create a large space for more than 15,000 people to attend the festival.
Parking for temple visitors at the stadium club "Arrow" next to the temple. which can accommodate 1,000 cars
This year is especially unrestricted like the past 3 years of the Covid pandemic and New Year's Eve on Saturday night on January 21, 2023, and Sunday morning (January 1st) January 22, 2023. Therefore, the number of guests. will be crowded, entertainment game stalls are arranged outside the temple yard.
The most special in the past 30 years that have not been done at the pagoda are the miniature scenes of Vietnamese traditional Tet such as: boat, stork wings, cooking banh chung, apricot branches, countryside scenes, sewing machines, televisions, bicycles, Tet gates. performed by the Temple Welcome team which is attracting a large number of compatriots to visit and take pictures
From 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. : A special music program with 20 singers and dance troupes performing at the venue : the big stage is in charge of Ms. Tuy Hong and the small stage is for the traditional Vietnamese traditional music
From 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. The sacred mask dance of the Bhutanese (UNESCO Cultural Heritage performance with 24 dancers in front of the main hall, was warmly welcomed by attendants .
At 11.10am, the lion dance and dragon dance troupe marched from the entrance gate in front of the main hall and the abbot and the 20 federal and state guests led the way to the main stage to celebrate the festival.
Guests were led to the stage with 2 charming MCs My Phuoc and My Hien introducing guests to attend
Opening ceremony Venerable Thich Phuoc Tan opened the opening ceremony on the meaning of New Year's Eve, thanked the guests, sponsors for attending and the unique Hoi An lantern project of Quang Minh Temple ,
Abbot Thich Phuoc Tan and other guests, in turn, spoke about the meaning of the Lunar New Year.

The Hon Daniel Mulino MP (Federal Member for Fraser)
The Hon Ingrid Stitt MP (Minister for Early Childhood & Pre-Prep & Minister for Environment)
The Hon Natalie Suleyman MP (Minister for Veterans, Minister for Small Business & Minister for Youth)
Mr Trung Luu MLC (Member for Western Metropolitan Region)
Ms Cam Nguyen (President - Australian Vietnamese Women’s Association Inc)
Ms. Thanh-Kham Tran-Dang (Former President - Australian Vietnamese Women’s Association Inc)
Mr Bruce Mildenhall & Partner (President - Vietnamese Museum Australia)
Cr Sarah Carter (Mayor - Maribyrnong City Council)
Cr. Jorge Jorquera (Councillor - Maribyrnong City Council)
Cr Cuc Lam (Councillor - Maribyrnong City Council)
Cr. Bruce Lancashire (Mayor - Brimbank City Council)
Cr. Jasmine Nguyen (Councillor - Brimbank City Council)
Cr John Sipek (Councillor - Moonee Valley City Council)
Mr Andrew Beans (Senior Sergeant - Footscray Police)
Mr Paul Morgan (Inspector - Footscray Police)
Mr Colin Campbell (Fire Rescue Victoria)
Mr Paul.hopkins (Fire Rescue Victoria)
Mr Ronald Hayward (Fire Rescue Victoria)
Malvina Tsecoutanis (State Emergency Service)
Mr Quang Duy Nguyen (President of Vietnamese Community in Australia – Victoria Chapter)
Dr Kieu Tien Dung (Former Member for South Eastern Metropolitan)
Mr Russell Byard & Mrs Sheila Byard
Ms Rachele Oliver
Ms Vanda Laconese
Dr Minh Lam
Miss Jessie Heysham
Ms Sue King
Mrs Sheila Heysham
Dr Andrew Lam

Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Multicultural Affairs
Dragon dance, firecrackers last 10 minutes to 12 o'clock on New Year's Eve.
New Year's Eve is a joyful and sacred time. the old year is about to pass and a new year is coming, everyone is waiting for the moment of transfer with a sincere heart, everyone believes that in heaven and earth, there is change and renewal.
After that, all entered the main hall to offer New Year's Eve and the Abbot gave lucky money to all guests.
Spring is coming, I wish all delegates peace, happiness, good health and longevity, happiness and prosperity to enjoy the Maitreya Spring Festival.
Happy New Year, I wish you peace, happiness, prosperity, good health and longevity
Namo Amitabha Buddha.

Doctor Pham Phuc Nhan (Hanh Giac Nghia)