Dear Vietnamese compatriots and all of you,

Every year, Quang Minh Pagoda organizes a very solemn New Year's Eve with more or less 10,000 visitors.
This year is special due to the special situation after 2 years of the Covid  pandemic, and New Year's Eve on Saturday night, January 21, 2023, Sunday morning (1st lunar new year), January 22, 2023.
Therefore, the number of guests will be large,in addition to lion dance, dragon dance, firecrackers, art fireworks, especially Bhutanese Sacred Mask Dancing ( UNESCO  Recognised Cultural Heritage Performance  with 40 dancers in front of the main hall, please arrange a reasonable time to attend.
In the New Year of the Cat I wish all my compatriots peace, happiness, prosperity, good health and longevity
Namo  Amitabha Buddha.

Dr. Pham Phuc Nhan