Namo Buddha Shakyamuni Buddha,
Dear Most Venerable Monks and Monks,
Dear distinguished guests.
Dear all fellow Buddhists,
This morning, the weather is extremely ideal. Quang Minh temple held the 2646th Buddha's Birthday, which 2566th  Buddha's Calendar on May 22, 2022. Nearly 3,000 Buddhists returned to the temple to attend Buddha's birthday. Exactly 10.40 minutes, the ceremonial board welcomed nearly 30 monks and nuns from the small main hall and carried the Sangha through the statue of Quan The Am, going along the 2 lands newly built road of river to Dai Hung Bao Dien. Three noble drum bells rang and 400 Buddhists were welcomed in the main hall. 2 MC My Phuoc My Hien welcomed the guests and started a special flower offering dance of the Buddhist youth family.
Firstly The Venerable Abbot Venerable Thich Phuoc Tan greeted all monks, nuns, guests, and Buddhists attending and emphasized .... Buddhist ceremonies, most importantly Buddha's Birthday, is aimed at the purpose of leading people to religion, alleviating the sufferings of life. birth, old age, and death, In the Buddha's first sermon at the Deer Park, he mentioned the Truth of the Way - one of the four truths of the Four Noble Truths. Accordingly, in order to realize the Truth of the Way, to be liberated from the cycle of reincarnation He thanked all monks, nuns, distinguished guests, fellow Buddhists and especially all departments of the temple and Buddhist youth families for their contributions to today's ceremony. Next Most Venerable Thich Thien Tam talked about the meaning of Buddha's Birthday Everyone in the world can become a Buddha, a wise and enlightened being, regardless of gender, origin, caste, young or old, age, married or not, if that person knows practice in accordance with the correct Dharma, according to the correct study map. This is the outstanding advantage of Buddhism: and the Buddha is honored at the United Nations as the most meaningful symbol of peace in this century. The Buddha is not a god or an imaginary god who specializes in blessing or punishing. On the contrary, those who live in accordance with the spirit of the Buddha's teachings, whether at home or ordained, whether worshiping the Buddha or not, will have peace and happiness in the present, enlightenment and liberation in the future. Buddhist ceremonies, most importantly Buddha's Birthday, aim to lead people to the Way, to ease the sufferings of life. Birth, old age, sickness and death, not blind cultivators, who told you to do this, who said how to listen to it, extremely superstitious! This was followed by Statements from distinguished guests of the state government and the private Council. Federal delegates were unable to attend due to the post-election handover and they apologized for their absence. Delegates present at the ceremony include: The Hon Natalie Hutchins Speaker of the day Minister for Crime Prevention, Corrections, Youth Justice and Victim Support The Hon Natalie Suleyman MP Speaker of the day Member for St. Albans Dr Kieu Tien Dung, MLC Speaker of the day Member for South Eastern Metropolitan Cr Cuc Lam Speaker of the day Stony Creek Ward Councillor City of Maribyrnong Cr Samantha Byrne Attend Mayor- Rose Hill Ward Moonee Valley City Council Cr Thuy Dang Attend Deputy Mayor- Grass Lands Ward Brimbank City Council Ms Thanh-Kham Tran-Dang OAM Attend President Australian Vietnamese Women's Association
Ms. Cam Nguyen, Attend 2021 VIC Senior Australian Of The Year Chief Executive Officer Australian Vietnamese Women's Association Colin T Campbell AFSM Attend Fire Rescue Victoria Multicultural Liaison Officer Colin T Campbell AFSM Attend Fire Rescue Victoria Multicultural Liaison Officer Mr Minh Tran Attend Building Surveyor Before the closing ceremony, the abbot led the monks and nuns to perform the Buddha bathing ceremony and the Buddhist traditional Sot Bat ceremony in front of the front of Da Hung Buu Dien. At 12.40 pm, the delegation of monks and nuns returned to the small main hall to make offerings to the monks, the guests had lunch in the newly renovated kitchen, and the Buddhists had lunch together in the large hall to enjoy the program. Performing arts by friend Tuy Hong and family of Buddhists Dai Bi Quan Am, Karaoke program held at Quan The Am Statue by Mr. Nguyen Quang is very exciting and attractive. On Buddha's birthday, Buddhists do not kill any animal, everyone is vegetarian, cleans the house and decorates the Buddha's altar beautifully. Buddhists can go to the temple to help do meritorious deeds,, listen to lectures on life, and reflect on their own actions to purify their souls. , let's live a simple life, full of contentment to eliminate lust. That is the advice of the Buddha, looking to the sublime and inexhaustible source of joy in such a virtuous life.
On the occasion of this year's Vesak season, let's pray for Australia in particular and the whole world, in general, to be peaceful and peaceful in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine. we pray that the monks and nuns have peace of mind, the wisdom lamp often shines with the four great harmonies, it is the great light to guide us to enlightenment, we wish all guests, and fellow Buddhists have peaceful and happy. good health, and all auspicious things.
Namo Hoan Hỉ Tang Bo Tat .
Dr. Pham Phuc Nhan