Report on New Year's Eve Celebrate New Year's Eve.Celebrate Year of The OX 2021  and lucky money for Buddhists in early spring at Quang Minh Pagoda, Thursday (30 Tet), February 11, 2021 and Friday (the 1st) of February 12, 2021 

 It can be said that organizing the New Year's Eve ceremony this year is a very persistent work of Master Tru Tri Thich Phuoc Tan, Mr. Hai Pham, Tri Su Chua Quang Minh and the Temple Branches and all Buddhists and more. more than  100 volunteers inside and outside the temple.

 With the consent of the Ministry of Health and Maribyrnong Council. We have followed the strict rules of Covid Safe and Covid Marshall.

 At 6 pm on February 11, 2021 9 30 Tet of the year of the Canh Ty and preparing to welcome Tet Tan Suu, visitors from all directions start entering the Buddhist temple, then the lion and dragon dance begins at the Statue of Quan The Am (The Bodhisattva), one by one, walks around the pagoda through the statue of Sakyamuni Buddha and goes to the front of Dai Hung Bao Dien, where there is a unique dance practice, while the master after chanting the sutras, stepped out of the main hall and give red bags and oranges to all attendees   for Buddhists at Quang Minh Pagoda for Buddhists and guests and federal ,states ,  and local Governments , we have  3 times to draw unicorns, dance dragons, set off firecrackers 3 times to give gifts in early spring to the Buddhists ... although the attendance number is over 2,000 people, it has kept the tradition of welcoming the nation's spring at the beginning of the year with full ceremony of throwing sacred gifts. national system but also keep the safety of the Covid epidemic which is spreading all over the world. The sound of firecrackers swept across Victoria during New Year's Eve with spring rain cooling the fresh air of hope and filled with vitality in the new year. 

 On the morning of the first day of February 12, 2021, more than 4,000 persons flock to the temple which is more crowded than every year to celebrate the Buddha's first spring ceremony, two large and small Buddhist Halls, take souvenir photos and enjoy a special Hue noodle dish. Everyone also abide by  safely keeping a safe distance, wearing masks, disinfecting hands, the number of fellow persons seemed so uncontrollable, at 12 o'clock an order was issued from the State Government : Breaking News: 5 days hard lock down Stage 4 starts after 11:59 PM February 12 to 11:59 Wednesday February 17: Leaving home for 4 reasons throughout Victoria: 

1. Go to the market and buy essential items (1 person / household / day except for those who need it but can't stay at home)

2. Caring for or helping others when they are unable to take care of themselves, as well as seeing a doctor.

3. Daily exercise for only 2 hours per day

4. Go to work and education - IF you can't work and study at home . Mask must be worn indoors and outdoors, unless in your home and for some medical reasons. Traveling within a 5km radius will apply again. 

Spring comes back to wish you peace of mind, happiness, health lies, fortune, and everything in order to fully enjoy the Spring of Di Lac together to protect each other's health and at the end of this month will turn to each other. It is safe to receive the Covid vaccine throughout Australia and all over the world  , all communication  goes back to normal to the next year 

 Namo Amitabha Buddha.

 Dr Pham Phuc Nhan (Hanh Giac Nghia)