Quang Minh Library was formed in 1997 under the guidance of the Head Teacher Thich Phuoc Tan. At this time, the brothers and sisters in the library group tried to work day and night so they could provide audio cassettes and books for Buddhists to read and listen to. Although the library was cramped inside a corner of the old meditation hall, the number of members of the library also reached several hundred.

In 2003, due to the construction of a new electric hall, the meditation hall was removed, the library moved to a new building behind the stage of the multipurpose hall to this day.

The library is currently open only on Sundays from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm for Buddhists from all over the world, offering lectures on CD, MP3, Buddhist books and documentaries via audio on VCD and DVD. Also on weekdays, if you would like to request a banner, please visit Quang Minh Pagoda office for help.

For printing, financial assistance or volunteer, please contact Hue Luc Nguyen Vu at 0434 388 686 or the Quang Minh Pagoda office on 9017 2999, 9312 5729 or 1300 554 036 .

Library group membership includes:

Head of department - Ms. Hue Lan

Deputy Head - Mr. Hue Luc

Printing and Technology - Anh Minh Thinh

Scripture - Ms. Thien Duc

Release - Anh Buu, My Loan and many other volunteers

The library of Quang Minh pagoda can also be compared as the Tang Kinh Cac of Shaolin Temple famously with the evidence that to this day, Quang Minh temple library has produced 1 monk and 4 nuns such as are: Thich Phuoc Thanh Teacher; Sister Thich Phuoc Sinh; Thich Phuoc Huyen; Master Tran Hien Nghiem Champa and Thich Linh Tuan and many monks at home

Currently the temple is in the construction phase, so the library has not been able to show its full potential, hoping that once the great temple of electricity and electricity is completed, Quang Minh library will become shaped with clouds. The second is to become as large as the national library. !!!!