Lunar New Year Eve at Quang Minh 24/1/2020

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Bushfire appeal

Dear distinguished  Guest ,leaders of all religions,  all the Volunteers ,ladies and gentlemen
The money of the Vietnamese community associations in Australia donated over 1 million separate dollars ,  we can not count huge Vietnamese  sent directly to charities Red Cross, Salvation Army, Blaze Aid and so on, the temples across Australia reached the number over 400,000 dollars, The Vietnamese United Buddhist Congregation  of Australia and New Zealand over 200,000 dollars, including; Quang Minh Pagoda 50,000 dollars, Hoa Nghiem Pagoda 51,000 dollars, Phuoc Hue Pagoda 50,000 dollars with Tet Market festivals 41,000 dollars, World Buddhist Fellowship 20,000 dollars. Total :241,318 dollars.
The total amount of hundred thousands  dollars during Tet festival , more fund raising at  Quang Minh temple  on lunar new year eve on january 24 /2020. and  we will sum  up at Happy  Receptionist restaurant on February 8, 2020. 
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Bush fire Disaster Appeal 151,000 dollars

Urgent Fundraising for bush fire at vietnamese festivals

Dear Friends

For the past three months, all unions and Temples, churches have been contributing to the largest wildfire in the past decade, with the states of New South Wales, Brisbane, and other sub-committees millions of hectares of forests and ranches. , burnt grasslands, thousands of homes destroyed, hundreds of people lost their lives.
Australian people and the Government have been helping us for the past 50 years. With the spirit of eating the fruits remembering who plant trees, drinking water and remembering the source The Vietnamese community in Australia contributed millions of dollars, but it was not enough. We have passed the new year and will come the spring of the year of the Rat we will not forget many firefighters who have been fighting day and night fighting with fire as well as the Australians who are suffering from home loss, loss of property. All of our kind volunteers will come together to join the fairs and collect donations to help Australians in need. We will hold Tet festivals at St Albans Market on 05/01/2020, Footscray 12/01/2020, Richmond 19/01/2020, Quang Minh Temple January 24, 2020.
This is the best opportunity for everyone to work with this meaningful hand.
Now all MFB firefighters (Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade). is on the front lines fighting the fire god surrounding Melbourne that we witness the haze today
We need a lot of volunteers, Tents are already there, donation Cans are available, food is ready.

Best regards.

Dr. Pham Phuc Nhan

Lunar New Year - TẾT 2020 Program

Saturday, 18.01.2020 (21 December – Lunar calendar)
9:00 AM Marigold Market Opening, featuring:
flowers, tea, cakes, glutinous rice cakes, and vegetarian dishes.

Sunday, 19.01.2020 (22 December – Lunar calendar)
9:00 AM End of year praying, gift exchange
2:00 PM End of Year Party

Thursday, 23.01.2020 (29 December – Lunar calendar)
6:30 PM Purification Ceremony

Friday, 24.01.2020 (evening of 30 December – Lunar calendar) – New Year’s Eve
6:00 PM Quang Minh Spring Festival begins
7:00 PM Culture Performance for Spring Festival – Year of The Rat
11:00 PM New Year well wishes from The Venerable Abbot and Distinguished Guest
11:45 PM Lion and Dragon dancing material arts performance and Festival Drum
12:00 AM Dragon, Lion dance, Festival Drum, fire crackers and fire works
- Maitreya Bodhisattva Anniversary and praying for world peace & prosperity
- New Year Gift handing out
12:30 AM Temple will be open throughout New Year’s Eve for everyone to come & pray
New Year’s Day – Saturday, 25.01.2020 (1st January Lunar calendar, Year of The Rat)
10:30 AM Remembrance ceremony of the Late Most Venerable Thich Thien Hoa,
Vice Patriach of GHPGVNTN

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